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Your wedding will create memories that last a lifetime, which is why Tales by Light
strives to not only capture them, but to make the process sweet and easy as well.
Founded in 2012 in the Bay Area, California, and recently moved to Houston, Texas,
Tales by Light is a wedding photojournalism company that is composed of only the best and
brightest in the field. Each member of our company spends hundreds of additional hours
studying their craft by attending WPPI and other photography/videography workshops. Each
member has received a mentorship from the top wedding photojournalists in the world, including
Keda Z, Doug Gordon, Two Mann, Jerry Ghionnis, Sean LeBlance, and Still Motion.
We feel the wedding photography industry is one of uniformity - meaning many of the
companies and freelancers available for hire complete their jobs in the same cookie cutter way,
even though no two weddings are the same. At Tales by Light, we wanted to be different. As
business took off, we became renowned for our creative use of natural and artificial light, unique
perspectives, angles, and compositions, and vibrant post production. The signature of Tales by
Light became our innate ability to bring out their clients’ personalities and beauty while
effortlessly telling their wedding story.

We focus on family: We devote proper time and attention to family members, and will
never rush our clients.
We are easy to work with: We keep the environment fun and always support clients
before and after their wedding.
We are very detail oriented: We will always capture the finer details, and never let
something slip.

For your wedding, consider hiring Tales by Light, a perfect puzzle for your wedding day.